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Great companies make great stories!


Nobody uses storyblockers

Story is the main driver of any persons interest. We love a good narrative, where someone wants something really bad and goes out of their way to secure it. Could this be you or your brand? Absolutely. But if you choose to yell prices and short lived offers instead of telling the what and why of who you are it isn´t.



You dont need no agency to tell you who you are

Get your story straight. Work with people of the same values and work to make content that stands out. Make content worth spending peoples precious time on.



Stop yelling and start telling

Think what a decent handshake and a great narrative can do. They want to be part of the story, so give them a leading role. And take the supporting role that makes them look good.

Content is king kickass!

No matter if it´s images, text,audio orvideo the impact of what comes from the established media outlets are being challenged and often overrun by a new and smarter ways of creating, publishing, distributing, sorting and using these new offers in abundance. As long as the quality is good and the story on track, we – the people – love this new eat all you can buffet of great moods, important articles, gripping podcasts or hilarious videos.

But that´s only half the story. Causethe way content is now behaving and spreading is teaching us a lot of new lessons about how you make something that matters. There is no way around it – old media and old advertising is taking somewhat of a beating. New ways of creating touchpoints, supporting virtual communities, empowering creators and telling stories people want to hear, is revolutionizing the way we need to communicate today.

Basically we need to support and help create great narratives and sustain good places to tell them. Thus making original digital content.

Make original digital content work for you


I do talks on what content does and how to develop, test, produce and spread digital content. I can give you the allround introduction, the nerdier focused version or the one that facilitates a workshop. Call me – the number is at the very end of this website, just scroll down – and let´s talk about how we make a session that rock your world or business in the right way.


Everybody is looking for communities to share and value their beliefs of the world. You need a friend as well. Let me help you. Wether you are media wanting to build a vertical, someone who needs to gather votes, really would like to hear the voices of the opinion or would love to connect to a certain community I can help. Call or write me today.


Prototyping, analyzing, calibrating and testing again is the life blood of succeeding with any content. We need to know what we do and how we do it. Therefore you need to prototype rapidly – sometimes in closed and safe environments and sometimes in full public. We know the drill – and can guide and mold your output to make it work with any audience.


As all great content these days, it is produced by a crew. I have my own crew of select people who gathers around every single production to make it better than great. Every production get a specialised crew, but you only deal with one service provider – Copenhagen Content.


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